October 30, 2006

Musical Monday: The Cardigans

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I am listening to the Cardigans at the moment. I wasn’t sure which song I should pick for Musical Monday, so I give you two. “My Favorite Game” which fits my current mood perfectly, and “Drip Drop Teardrop” from their latest album “Super Extra Gravity”.

Get music codes at Bolt.

Get music codes at Bolt.

And if you haven’t yet done so, check out the delicious I need some fine wine.

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October 29, 2006

The First Time

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Today, I did a little shopping, lingerie shopping that is. Since I have discovered that my bras had the wrong size, I have slowly restocked my lingerie drawer with things I like. In Hong Kong it is harder to do than in Europe, because most shops only have padded bras, which Hong Kong women prefer and I hate. Most of the year, Hong Kong is hot and humid, and I cannot imagine wearing thick shields of polyester foam on my breasts. A few years ago, I had asked a Chinese girlfriend, why Hong Kong women buy mostly padded bras. Did they want to boost the size of their breasts? No, was the answer, well actually maybe, but it is not the main reason. Hong Kong women do not want their nipples to show. I sort of looked down on me and yeah there they were, the outlines of my nipples. We were standing in the arctic winds of air-conditioning, nothing I could or wanted to do about it. I have nipples, so what? When I looked up again my friend was smiling, and told me that she hated padded bras too, and gave me the address of a small lingerie shop with European labels, to which I have been going ever since. In Hong Kong, everything is attainable, you just have to know where.

“It’s your first time in a lingerie store, right?”
cartoon by Uli Stein

Today I went to the shop again, which is very nice. It is quite small, with chandeliers at the ceiling, a comfy sofa, and the newest lingerie from Europe hung along the walls. As I was perusing the bra section, a young man entered the store. I was guessing that it was his first visit to a lingerie store, as he looked a tad nervous, was smiling all the time, quite sweet really. He told the shop assistant that he wanted to buy a birthday present for his girlfriend. I could tell that she had experience with this sort of request, as she asked for her size, and hair and skin color. Her hair and skin color he knew, her size he did not, only that she was quite petite. The shop assistant was unfazed by this. She told him that she would recommend buying nightwear as a bra was out of the question without the exact size. She then showed him the nightwear section.

As I was coming out of the fitting room, he had narrowed it down to a tan silk night shirt with spaghetti straps and a see-through turquoise babydoll with shirt and slip. As he was undecided and looked right at me for help, I ventured that I personally would go with the turquoise combination as it was fitted and just looked more feminine. My comment settled the deal, the turquoise combination it was. I hope she liked it.

See guys, it’s not that hard! Be brave the next time and just go in.

Edit: CeeCi has just posted a very informative series on female ejaculation. I know that it is a topic one normally doesn’t talk about, but that’s exactly why I wanted to point you to her posts. Another very good site, which deals with the matter, is www.the-clitoris.com, which I have recently discovered and funnily Ceeci also mentions.

October 27, 2006

Da Count #9: Anticipation

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dacountLast summer during our vacation, I took a picture of my son in front of an ice cream stand. We were waiting in line, only two more people were in front of us, and he was already standing in front of the display. On the picture you can see him wide-eyed, nose pressed against the glass pane, anticipating the treat that is to follow. It is a wonderful picture, showing the happiness of childhood. I also took a second photo. My son, smiling behind a giant ice cream cone, nose, mouth, and chin covered with ice cream. There are no better pictures for me than these two, to symbolize the joys of anticipation and gratification.

I think, although being gratified without forewarning is nice too, anticipation makes it even more enjoyable. We humans are strange animals in that we put higher value on things that are harder to get, or that we have to wait for.

For grown-ups it’s a little harder to feel pleasant anticipation than for kids. Birthdays just remind us that we are getting older and Christmases can be stressful times. But occasionally – thank God – we feel it too, that giddy excitement, that sweet torture…anticipation of good things to come.

October 25, 2006

Happy HNT #21

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My HNT is a montage with one of the scenes of Nosferatu, the first Dracula movie ever made. Because of copyright issues, the movie’s story was altered from Bram Stoker’s novel and the name changed to Nosferatu. The film, one of only a few silent movies still popular, is in the open domain and can be downloaded here.

A scary half-nekkid Halloween to all of you!


October 23, 2006


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So much to do, and so little time…

I am sorry, but I have to take you shopping and cooking with me today, otherwise I will not get done nearly enough ;).

Fish display at Hong Kong supermarket

That’s how the seafood section at my local supermarket looked this morning. It’s only the “already dead” display, the “still alive” basins are behind it. At the upper left edge you can see the man, who fished my shrimps out of a basin. Some of them tried to escape by doing a courageous high-jump out of his catch net. It was quite the show. But it didn’t help. Poor buggers were returned to the plastic bag.

The shrimps were the main ingredient for a salad I made today. Below you see the rest of the ingredients. It’s supposed to be Thai …sort of. Because the cook is German it’s really a Thai-German fusion salad :).

Ingredients for Shrimp Salad

-2 dozen white shrimp (kicking fresh)

-2 cloves of garlic, fresh ginger, and salt to cook the shrimp with

-125g mung bean vermicelli

-2 handful of fresh bean sprouts

-1 bunch of fresh coriander

-½ red onion

-1 salad cucumber

-1 carrot

-3-4 small tomatoes

For the dressing:

- 6 tablespoons fish sauce

- 2-3 teaspoons of brown sugar

-juice of 3-4 Thai limes (which my supermarket didn’t have, so I took one lemon instead)

- fresh ginger

- 2 cloves of garlic

-1 fresh red chili (larger, less hot variety)

  1. Prepare the shrimps by rinsing them under cold water. Cook them together with two cloves of crushed garlic, a few slices of crushed fresh ginger, and salt. Oil is not necessary. Take from heat when they turn pink.

  1. Put mung bean vermicelli into a big bowl and pour boiling water over them. Let stand until they become soft, then drain.

  1. Peel and dice onion. Peel and quarter cucumber, remove the seeds and finely slice into inch-long strips. Peel the carrot and grate finely. Pick off coriander leaves and coarsely cut to release juices. Dice tomatoes.

  1. For the dressing combine ca. 6 tablespoons of fish sauce, 2-3 teaspoons of brown sugar, and the juice of 3-4 Thai limes. Add two crushed cloves of garlic, several crushed slices of ginger, and one finely sliced red chili. I don’t use the seeds, but by all means add them if you like the salad to be really hot.

  1. Peel cooled shrimps. Mix all ingredients together in a big salad bowl, and let the salad stand for at least half an hour.


Shrimp Salad

PS: While I was dicing and slicing away, I listened to Prince’s 3121 on my iPod. I don’t know if it was the music, but I couldn’t stop thinking how sexy it is when men cook for their women. A candle-lit dinner at a restaurant is nice, but think about all the possibilities for dessert if you stay home…

If you are in need of sweet temptation, go to the recipe for Cosima’s Sachertorte.

To round off your Musical Monday gourmet experience, may I suggest “Satisfied” from Prince’s 3121 ;)

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October 20, 2006

Da Count #8: Inspiration

Category: da count — Cosima @ 1:21 pm

Today was an exhausting day. I was woken a little before 6 am by my son, who told me that the sun was almost up and therefore it was high time to start the day. After I dropped him off at kindergarten, I had myriads of errands to run, which took me all over Hong Kong. I rode in countless buses, subways, ferries, and walked what felt like ten miles in hot and humid weather.

We ended the day with an exciting game of cop (son) chases bandit (mom) and a small discussion why small boys need to go to sleep.

Then I sat in front of the computer to write a post for Da Count. Nothing came to mind. Absolutely nothing. All I could think of was how exhausted I felt and how bad my feet hurt. What I needed was some…

And then it hit me about what I could write today: inspiration. It’s wonderful to be inspired by another person, art, nature, books, own memories… the potential sources for inspiration are endless.

But you need to be in the right state of mind to receive inspiration and create something new out of it, and at the moment I am not. I am just too tired.

I am all the more thankful for inspiration, since it lets me write a post even if I am utterly lacking it.

October 18, 2006

Happy HNT #20

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Green Tea Flavor

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Since I moved to Hong Kong, green tea has become one of my favorite ice cream flavors. It is made with Japanese green tea (matcha) powder, which gives it just a hint of bitterness. I like that it is not as overly sweet as most Western ice creams. Green tea ice cream is a Japanese invention, but here in Hong Kong it is widely available as well. I normally buy the Haagen-Dazs variety in my local supermarket.

Matcha powder is also used for many Japanese sweets. This morning I typed in “matcha” at flickr, and got thousands of pictures of cakes, pastries, and sweets, mostly from people living or traveling in Japan.

But some are also available in Hong Kong, like the “Melty Kisses” below. They are chocolate sweets with a green tea filling, and with a name like that how could I resist. Unfortunately, they don’t taste like melty kisses at all, more like globs of sweetened margarine. I know it sounds harsh, but these kisses landed in the bin.

The little mushroom cookies were much better, but I still prefer green tea ice cream.

Oh, I almost forgot. Look, what I discovered this morning while waiting in the supermarket queue: green tea flavored condoms. I bet you don’t get these at your local supermarket. The tag line reads “For Happy Hours By Two” :D

October 16, 2006

Musical Monday: The World Is Not Enough

Category: music — Cosima @ 12:34 pm

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This morning, I was in need of a jolt out of procrastination, a kick in the ass, and listening to the song oddly enough helped to achieve that. I almost felt as fab as a Bond girl ;D.

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October 15, 2006

Sunday Wake Up

Category: flash fiction — Cosima @ 4:57 am

Something tickles my nose, and it is a little too warm between the sheets. You, me, and the sheets, all tangled together. Sun rays shine through the blinds and put a pattern on the wall. I put a soft kiss at the nape of your neck. Just a little one, so that I don’t wake you. Your skin tastes a little salty and sweet at the same time.

My hand barely touches, like a butterfly it is hovering above you, going up and down with your breathing, along your ear, neck, arm, and lands ever so softly on your tummy. My breath slows to the same rhythm as yours, and my hand inches a little lower. A soft sigh escapes your mouth. Quickly, I travel back into less sensitive territory.

I move closer, trying to leave no gaps between us. My thigh against your thigh. My lap against your backside. My breasts against your back. It feels like a safe cocoon of you and the sheets.

Last night, you talked in your sleep, very softly. I couldn’t quite understand. It sounded happy.

Very slowly, I slide out of bed, and go around the bed to kneel in front of you. Your face looks peaceful, with a slight smile around your mouth. My fingers touch the corner of your lips, your smile. Then I put a little kiss on your eye. Too much. A soft groan, and you turn on your back and rub your eye with your hand.

After a while, I peek under the sheets. My hand reaches out, spreads out on your abdomen, hard, so different from mine. Are you still sleeping, or just pretending? Carefully, I turn down the sheets. Your body before me, familiar and yet so new every time.

I climb back into bed, lean over you, kiss your jaw, your collarbone, your chest. Trail lower, lower, lower, and stop. Your eyes flutter open, and your smile becomes a little wider. Gotcha.